Propagator works with the NHS to launch the only clinically recommended app to help women take control of their pelvic floor dysfunction and lead more comfortable lives.

September 2013:

With one in three women suffering at some stage of their life with pelvic floor dysfunction, Propagator has developed and launched Squeezy, a revolutionary women’s health app to help women manage bladder dysfunction conditions. Endorsed by the NHS, Squeezy is the only clinically recommended app to help women self-manage incontinence.

The pelvic floor muscle exercise app is designed to be tailored to a patient’s specific needs or recommended exercise programme. The App provides a reminder service to women to support a personalised exercise plan and is shown to significantly increase the regularity with which women carry out their exercises.

This is the first of a number of physiotherapy services that Propagator intends to launch and will form part of Propagators ‘Living With …’ health resource collection launching in 2016.

For further details contact Chris Robson, CEO Propagator 1-2 Berners Street London W1T 3LA 00 44 207 307 9793