Propagator creates new innovative digital resource for IZA World of Labor to help drive policy formulation globally.

September 2014:

Propagator has launched a new website on behalf of the Institute for the Study of Labor – IZA, in partnership with Bloomsbury Publishing.

IZA World of Labor combines the accessibility and immediacy of the Internet with rigorous academic research to provide a resource to policymakers.

Creating an innovative and indispensable tool for policy formulation across the globe, Propagator developed an online knowledge hub for IZA world of labor, (as part of the partnership between IZA, a private independent economic research institute that analyzes global labor markets and Bloomsbury Publishing Plc) which provides rigorous academic research on key labor economics topics, in concise summary formats.

This in turn brings proper empirical evidence to complex interdependent global topics including labor mobility and flexibility, minimum wage, the role of organized labor, migration, youth unemployment, employment protection, diversity, gender balance and development.

Delivered in a new innovative format condensing expert information with an easy and clear design, IZA World of Labor aims to become an indispensable tool for policy formulation and a global portal that allows easy public access for non-academic audiences to detailed information that drives global policy making.

Each article published on the site adheres to a specially-designed template that includes a compact one-page summary, pros and cons that provide a rounded point of view, the author’s policy recommendation and a list of related articles.

For further details please call Chris Robson, CEO, Propagator 1-2 Berners Street London W1T 3LA

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