Propagator launches Living With Pelvic Health at annual POGP Conference in Southampton

October 2017: Following the clinical and consumer success of the award-winning pelvic floor muscle exercise programme app, Squeezy; sister brand, Living With Pelvic Health has launched at the annual Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy (POGP) conference.

Living With Pelvic Health allows clinicians to monitor patients pelvic floor muscle exercise programme adherence records, by connecting to a dedicated version of Squeezy, called SqueezyCX. Through a clinician dashboard, clinicians can easily access patients’ adherence records, answering many of the time-consuming questions so appointments can focus on areas where more education or support is needed to improve confidence, adherence and self-management.

“As a physiotherapist, many of my patients have told me that they find it hard to remember to do their exercises. Squeezy supports people to complete their recommended exercise programme. Now, Living With Pelvic Health supports clinicians and enhances our ability to help patients.” Myra Robson – Senior Pelvic Health Physiotherapist at Lewisham Healthcare Trust

Living With Pelvic Health will soon be offered by several NHS Trusts to their pelvic health patients dealing with pelvic floor dysfunctions such as urinary stress incontinence. The SqueezyCX app is available to patients for free by their clinicians.

About Living With: Living With is a long-term condition management platform for healthcare professionals to monitor patients’ real-time adherence and disease activity and early warning system that helps clinicians optimise resource, identify the most effective interventions with an aim at preventing symptoms from escalating requiring more expensive treatments. Initially focused on women’s health and auto-immune conditions, Living With’s first two products are Living With Pelvic Health and Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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