Propagator launches Churchill Central – the most comprehensive digital resource on this great historical leader.

January 2015:

Propagator has designed and launched Churchill Central on their sophisticated content commercialisation platform. This educational portal informs and inspires visitors of the site about Churchill and the world around him and has been built working in partnership with the full range of Churchill partners including Blenheim Palace, Imperial War Museum, Chartwell and Churchill College Cambridge.

This great new resource covers the entire history of Churchill’s life and impact on the world around him providing a central point of reference. The site will be a constantly updated resource packed with information and insights for anyone interested in finding out more about Churchill’s life and legacy.

The website has been designed as a “one stop shop”, to guide visitors through different periods of his life, giving them a fantastic overview of the world around him and the events that shaped him and which he also shaped.

Churchill Central solves the many real issues that people find when they want to know more about Churchill the man such as:

  • publicly available information is often confusing, incomplete and contradictory
  • there is rarely proper historical, social or personal context
  • information is not structured in logical patterns that meet typical user queries and goals
  • material is often unconnected from other interesting information The product has a colourful, intuitive interface, which has been optimised for mobile and tablet usage
  • The site has a number of key features including:
  • The website has been structured into a logical and clear format that allows the visitor to search chronologically (the child, the soldier, the war leader etc) or by theme (man of words, man of action, family man etc) or just browse. All content is designed to inform, inspire and be shared – visitors get the facts, can view content in a learning format (quiz etc) and then contribute, participate or share it (treasure hunt etc).
  • Data driven interactive timeline to provide historical context and discovery
  • Images, videos and audio clips bringing Churchill’s history to life
  • Stories to help visitors understand Churchill and his world
  • Multiple entry points and related content to provide different perspectives on the subject
  • Quiz functionality to promote learning
  • Treasure hunts to drive engagement
  • Search functionality including filters to search for famous quotes by theme, period or place and to search for images
  • Events and exhibitions to encourage participation in “Churchill’s world” today
  • Affiliate lead tracking from the shop, driving visitors to make purchases on partner sites

For further details contact Chris Robson, CEO Propagator 1-2 Berners Street London W1T 3LA

00 44 207 307 9793