Propagator in Marketing Week Content Opinions – Not All Content is Created Equal

Propagator CEO, Chris Robson, writing about the future of Content Marketing for Marketing Week’s Content Opinions supplement June 2014, advocates that good content marketing must help an organisation’s customers achieve a personal goal as well as helping the organisation achieve a business objective. Helping customers achieve goals drives engagement and relationship building. In other words, good content adds material value to both sides.

All content can contribute to this, but some content does it better.

Fundamentally, one can break content out into four types: data, information, tools and services.

1. Data can be stats, benchmarks, testimonials, press releases – reporting raw material without interpretation.
2. Information has some level of interpretation or message, including expert reviews, best practice, checklists, templates, frameworks, trends, glossaries.
3. Tools bundle information and data into an interactive format that individuals can use to assist with tasks or understanding, for example monitoring, planning, learning.
4. Services provide some level of continual support, like updates, advice, encouragement.

Data content has no long-term engagement value. It creates no emotional bond or shared value with the user. It reports certain things, no more no less. It has a singular role.

Information content has more value to the user than your data, because it is more focused and reduces effort.
However, only interactive tools and services can provide the regular emotional linkage required for relationships.

Propagator provides solutions to clients that change content marketing from a short-term, one-way communications device into a two-way engagement vehicle delivering value to all sides

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