The ultimate one stop shop<br /> for fashion


The ultimate one stop shop
for fashion

For educators, students and professionals

Creating a combination of subscription, purchase and e-book rental business models to drive additional revenues

The Project

Propagator is now working with Bloomsbury to design and develop this resource on top of Propagator’s content commercialisation platform.

The solution will unite 3 unique fashion resources;

Fairchild Books for 140+ fashion textbooks for instant e-rental, or purchase in e or print, alongside STUDIOS: online materials to complement your course.

The award-winning Berg Fashion Library provides integrated text and images on world dress and fashion through history: includes the Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion, scholary works and reference, and museum image banks.

The Fashion Photography Archive, which includes 600K+ runway, backstage and street style images, supported by 100s of articles, audio and video resources.