Living with a chronic condition

Our chronic condition management platform

Reduce your costs of long-term chronic condition management and increase engagement by providing your patients and customers with their own personalised Living With a chronic condition solution.

  • With content personalised to help each patient or customer.
  • In a format which is habit-forming.
  • Saving money for you, the health care provider.

Propagator, has developed a suite of “Living with…” solutions to help patients with chronic conditions such as back pain, arthritis, lung cancer and mental health issues live with, manage and monitor their own condition much more effectively; with personalised information, interactive tools, goals, progress tracking and communications for them, their carers and clinicians.


Solution for hospitals

We help Hospitals:

  • Reduce the costs of chronic condition management.
  • Deliver better resource allocation by ensuring that patients with chronic conditions are seen at the right times by the right clinical and nursing staff.
  • Improve patient outcomes.

Solutions for private healthcare providers and insurers

Our solutions can help you achieve a number of different business objectives, including:

  • Engage existing customers / members and so increase customer retention.
  • Help reduce claim costs while providing better overall patient support.
  • Improve patient outcomes.

Solutions for medical products and pharma

We can help medical products and pharmaceutical companies:

  • Design and build their own “Living with” solutions to help researchers developing treatments and patients living with conditions.
  • Create educational platforms /self-learning tools for their researchers.