Propagator helps clients create and
commercialise content innovatively.

Digital specialists in publishing, healthcare,
education and archives - content that matters.


Transform and
personalise content

Commercialise content

We find clever ways to distribute, add value and commercialise content through subscription, e-commerce, lead generation, advertising, service improvements, partnerships other business models.

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  • Libraries Schools Books Archives
  • Archives
    Selling access to 1million original documents from the Churchill archive to universities around the world
  • Publishing
    Commercialising existing academic books by creating a market leading e-book platform to sell them directly to libraries around the world
  • Education
    Providing teachers with an interactive resource to teach music in classes in primary schools
  • Academic
    The ultimate one stop fashion shop for students globally creating a combination of subscription, purchase and e-book rental business models to drive additional revenues
  • Health
  • Publishing
    Digital service built for aspiring authors, generating a completely new revenue stream for Bloomsbury Group
  • Health
    Transformational sleep app developed to help people sleep better
  • Publishing
    Giving an 80 year old yachties bible digital life, delivering new revenues outside of print and growing market share
  • Health
    Revolutionary women’s health app, created and built by us and endorsed by the NHS to help women self-manage incontinence
  • Health
  • Health
    Transformational sleep app developed to help people sleep better

Transform and personalise content

Making content personalised and engaging by taking a subject or topic and turning it into a digital product.

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